Annie Othen

Discover more about Ms Othen with this BBC Coventry and Warwickshire presenter profile.

Q:  What's your name?

A:  Annie Othen

Q:  From?

A:  Royal Leamington Spa

Q:  Star Sign?

A:  A gorgeous Virgo!

Q:  Joined the Beeb in?

A:  1993.

Q:  What has your career involved so far?

A:  After degree and postgraduate studies at the University of Warwick I did some press and PR and then began working in radio in 1983 (ok I was VERY young then!!!). A stint at Mercia Sound (as was) followed and then, in no particular order, I was with Xtra Am, Heart FM, BBC Radio 2, Jazz FM and of course BBC WM.

Q:  What does your job involve?

A:  Lots of work and for the last five years getting up at 5am! Now I'm civilised getting up at 6.30am to be in for 7.30am to get ready for a great morning programme from 10pm til 1pm! I also lecture twice a week and have a lively young son who keeps me on my toes!!!

Q:  What do you like most about BBC Coventry & Warwickshire?

A:  My lovely red studio with its soft seats and plasma screens. Oh, and the cappuccinos!

Q:  What's your favourite place in Coventry and Warwickshire?

A:  Jephson Gardens in Leamington

Q:  Who's your favourite person?

A:  Gotta say husband Richard and son Joel but Johnny Depp's a close runner-up.

Q:  What's your favourite hobby?

A:  Tennis, learning to ski and baking cakes....

Q:  Your favourite food?

A:  Avocados and smoked salmon darling!!!

Q:  Your favourite drink?

A:  Gin n tonic

Q:  Favourite song?

A:  So many so many but September by Earth, Wind and Fire gets me going!

Q:  Favourite film?

A:  Fred Astaire in Top Hat

Q:  Give us a fascinating fact about yourself:

A:  I once danced in front of Omar Sharif!